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Remanufactured Ford 4.2 Engines 

and Used Ford 4.2 Engines

3 Yr 100,000 Mile Warranty

We specialize in the highest quality Remanufactured Ford 4.2 Engines and Used 4.2 Engines in the market today. Our engines offer both premium quality and top performance, and are competitively priced based on condition and warranty.

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5 Yr 100,000 Mile Warranty on Remanufactured Engines
w/ 3 Yr Parts & Labor

Ford 4.2 Liter Engine Light Truck Applications
Item Discription
Ford4.2L Engine

96-98 E,F Series

Ford4.2L Engine

99-00 E,F Series

Ford4.2L Engine

01 E,F Series

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